SmartLipo: Laser Body Sculpting

Girl with towel sitting on the floor

Laser sculpt the body you want today!

 Laser Body Sculpting is your solution to removing stubborn fat in most body areas.

  • Eliminate bulging areas that exercise can’t.
  • Firm up sagging skin at the same time!

How does it work?  The laser procedure permanently destroys fat cells and removes the fat from your body.  At the same time it is getting rid of unwanted fat, the coagulation process also causes the skin to tighten.  The final result is less fat and tighter skin, giving you a toned appearance you have not had in years.

Unlike some laser procedures this process is minimally invasive, so you have a very limited downtime, allowing you to get back to a busy lifestyle looking and feeling great!

For more information click the link to our pdf brochure: Laser Body Sculpting Brochure