Our Next Quarterly Event will be on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Save the date

October Quarterly Cosmetic Event

Where: Our Office

When: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 8am – 6pm (Come by anytime)

This day only, receive:

25% off Obagi Nuderm , CRX , Clenziderm, & 360 Starter Kits.

20% off of all other Obagi, Jane Iredale Makeup, Eminence,

Teeth Whitening, Sclerotherapy, Vi Peel & Laser Procedures.

(including CO2 Laser) (gift certificate given, excl. Lipo/fat transfer/vampire/sculpsure).


*Phone orders are welcome this day only with credit card payment*


Also offering: 10% off Botox; 10% off Massage;

$50 off 1 syringe of Juvederm XC or $150 off 2 Syringes

(gift certificate given for any procedure purchased today)


*Cannot combine with any other coupons or discounts on this day!*

*Bring a Friend   * Gift with Purchase   * Gift basket drawing for all attendees




September Promotions:



New Nutritional Beauty Supplements from jane iredale

  Ideal for Aging Skin: Skin Vit A & Skin Antiox Duo$67.50 (2 mo Supply) (10% off)

This dynamic duo works in synergy to protect skin from the inside.

SKIN VIT A+ is Ideal for Oily Skin: Skin Vitamin A+ works in synergy with vitamin D to help maintain healthy skin, as well as strong bones and muscles. Vitamin A is important for normal cell production and repair. It influences skin’s immune and sun protection qualities and helps prevent collagen breakdown and maintains skin firmness. It promotes better moisture levels and assists balancing oil in the skin.

One tablet a day with food is recommended.

SKIN ANTIOXIDANT: Ideal for Protecting Skin: Skin Antioxidant is formulated with seven super phytonutrients found in plants. Any source of light, even artificial, creates free radicals, which cause premature ageing. Skin Antioxidant helps to protect your skin and keep it looking younger for longer. One tablet a day with food is recommended. Can be purchased alone if on Skin Accumax already.

Skin Omegas: A proprietary blend of omega-3, omega-6, evening primrose oil and vitamin A. Known as Essential Fatty Acids, the  omegas are a vital part of a balanced diet. They play a crucial role in cell renewal throughout the body, including the skin. All skin types can benefit from Skin Omegas, including dry, sensitive and acneic skin.* Two capsules a day with food is recommended. Easy to digest & no aftertaste. Use along with Skin Complete or Skin Accumax for best results. $96.30 (3 mo supply 10% off) or $42.30 (1 mo supply 10% off)

“ During the first 10 days of taking Skin Omegas, I immediately noticed that my skin was not as dry. Three months of taking Skin Omegas and Skin Complete as a regimen resulted in decreased facial redness. I found that my nail growth increased dramatically and that my hair is now thicker and fuller that it has ever been.” Mary B.

Skin Accumax: Ideal for Acneic Skin: Skin Accumax™ works from within for clear, flawless skin naturally. Skin Accumax™ contains a unique patented and exciting ingredient called DIM which works from the inside out. Suitable for all skin types, designed to promote healthy skin to help clear acne, and improve problem skin in general. 4 tablets a day with food for a min. of 14 weeks will produce results even for the most stubborn problem skin. Some may take 2 tablets a day with food.

120 caps $103.50 (1-2 mo supply) (10% off) or 180 caps $141.30 (2-3 mo supply) (10% off)

“Skin Accumax has made a huge difference to my complexion. I’ve received at least 5 compliments this week alone! People are really starting to notice and I am SO happy. It has really boosted my self-esteem and I can’t thank you enough.” Katie W.

Click on link below for great before & after pics of new supplements:

skin vitamins pics

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